HR launches PERSIA 001

Persia Candle

For Summer 2017, Hossein Rezvani launches his first hand poured, natural candle.

Capturing Hossein’s Iranian heritage and roots, combined with a contemporary look, this rich and luxurious balsamic fragrance is created from musky middle-eastern and floral base notes, vanilla and honeysuckle middle notes, with a hint of floral Damascene rose and fruity touches to finish the scent. The result is a beautiful, warm and enigmatic custom blend, reminiscent of traditional Persia, a nod to his famous carpet designs.

The packaging has a modern, sleek monochrome design. With environmental responsibility at the heart of the Hossein Rezvani brand, the candles packaging and container are also sustainable.

Poured by hand, the range is made from 100% certified vegetable soy wax produced from renewable plant resources, with natural cotton wicks. As such, the candles benefit from being biodegradable and recyclable, as well as producing less soot, therefore burning clean. The soy wax allows the candle to last longer as it is burning at a cooler temperature, resulting in you enjoying your candle for longer.

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