Dubai, UAE – Iwan Maktabi, 3rd generation carpet connoisseurs and pioneers in the field of antique and contemporary design carpets collaborating with Hossein Rezvani, the multiple award winning designer credited with revolutionizing the Persian carpet industry is, to present the best of the “Persia reinvented” collection at a public exhibition at Salsali Private Museum (SPM). The exhibition will also unveil “Heriz Majorelle” the newest addition to Hossein Rezvani’s coloration, and a focal point of his upcoming 2017 collection.

The only contemporary carpet design brand to offer carpets made in Iran, with up to 1.000.000 knots per square meter, Hossein is renowned for bringing Iranian cultural heritage back to contemporary living spaces. Fusing classical patterns and centuries-old symbols with modern colour schemes, Hossein creates one-off masterpieces that are visually stunning, yet retain their cultural integrity; in essence reinventing the Persian carpet for the 21st century.

Following the long years of collaboration between Rezvani and SPM to introduce the elements of contemporary design of carpets, Ramin Salsali, founder of SPM, co-curated “CARPETIZED” which will offer a glimpse into the world of traditional patterns, from a contemporary perspective. Ten pieces from the “Persia reinvented” collection will be on display and showcase manipulations of Tabriz and Bakhtiar; patterns that have existed for more than 100 years, and have been given a contemporary twist for the 21st century. The highlight of Hossein Rezvani’s upcoming 2017 collection, the Heriz Majorelle will also be previewed.

“I have always been a staunch believer that trends come and go, yet classics remain forever and it is this belief that underscores every one of my designs. I strive to re-create classics with a contemporary touch, while staying true to the heritage and legacy of the traditional Persian carpet,” said Hossein Rezvani, Designer and Founder of Hossein Rezvani.

Mohamed Maktabi, CEO of Iwan Maktabi also commented, “As representatives of Hossein Rezvani in the middle East, it is a pleasure for us to share with the UAE public, Hossein’s brilliant designs. These carpets are essentially works of art, and works of love, with hundreds of man hours having been devoted to their creation and we look forward to sharing these monumental examples of a centuries old tradition with the public.”